Here is the list of upcoming events. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments regarding this list, please feel free to let me know. Also email me to add you to the list for updates and any news concerning the Fairbanks chapeter. Also included are events for the club based in Anchorage as well.

 Fairbanks Club Events


First Meeting


I have passed out perhaps a dozen fliers, and for those who are interested in a club, I would like to set up a time and place for a first meeting. Just a little meet and discuss for everyone to decide what we would like to do for the summer and the beautiful weather we have been having! I was thinking of a date on June 11th which is a Saturday for a lunch/beverage get together at Bostons. If you are interested please do email me so I can reserve us a spot big enough for everyone!  

Anchorage Club Events


A "real" MINI Road Rally

Time: June 3rd : 6:00 PM

Loacation: Anchorage, TBD

Destination: Anchorage, Restaurant TBD

Costs: 10

Road rally would be timed and consist of riddles

and maybe a scavenger hunt! Would need a co-pilot.

Prizes Awarded!


Chena Hot springs  and Midnight Sun festival

Time: June 18 - June 19

Location: Carrs in Eagle River

Destination: Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks

Drive up the morning of the 18th with a final destination of Chena Hot Springs. Could easily make it an overnight trip and stay for the Midnight Sun Festival.


Girdwood Forest Fair & Parade

 Time: July 2nd 9:30 AM

Location: Hotel Alyeska, Girdwood

Tout your Eco-friendly MINI in the parade! Live music and fun stuff to do afterwards!


Bear Paw Car Show

 Time: July 8th 5:30 PM

Location: Eagle River

Cost: $35 for 1-14 minis

Many car clubs participate in the annual Bear Paw Parade. Total cost is $35 for as little as 1 to a max of 14 MINIs. Total to be split between participants.


Cooper's Landing Rally & Poker Run

 Time: July 23rd 10:00 AM

Location: Carrs on Huffman

Destination: Cooper's LAnding

Eats: TBD

Cost: $10

For obvious reasons we are traveling to Cooper's LAnding! We are going to incorporate a Poker Run into this rally: At every stop (5 total), every mini gets a card from 1 deck of cards (2 if needed). At the end of the rally, the best hand wins!


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